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Rowtec - Jual Sand blasting dan Pasir Silika
Silika Sandblasting
Silika Sandblasting
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Silica Sand is a type of sand that has many benefits for all needs with 98% filtering power <. For example silica sand can be used for raw materials for glass, ceramics even for water filter filters. In industrial activities, the use of quartz sand has expanded widely, both directly as the main raw material, for example used in the glassware industry, cement, tiles, ceramic mosaics, silicon ferrous raw materials, silicone carbide abrasive materials (emery and sand blasting). Whereas as follow-up materials, for example in the cast industry, oil and mining industries, refractory bricks (refractories), and so on.

Ready stock silica sand mesh 25-30, 14-20, 8-14, 6-8

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