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Rowtec - Jual Sand blasting dan Pasir Silika
 ​​Silica Sand / Quartz Sand / Quartz Sand
 ​​Silica Sand / Quartz Sand / Quartz Sand
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Sand Blasting is a process of surface cleaning / peeling of rust, paint, on the surface of iron / stainless steel or other metals.

The method of sand blasting is to spray particles (sand) onto the metal surface with high air pressure to swipe the rust / paint surface.

The material for doing sand blasting is silica sand / kuaras sand / quartz sand.

Advantages of sand blasting:
1. Clean rust, soil, oil, paint, salt and others that stick to the surface of the iron / stainless steel / metal.
2. Removing the paints that are starting to be damaged for the next change.
3. Condition the surface of the metal so that the paint is more attached.

We are Distributor of silica sand / quartz sand / quartz sand, available 20-30 mesh, 30 <50kg packaging for sand blasting.
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