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Carbon Actived

Some of the benefits provided by activated carbon for water filters and purifiers are;

First, absorb odors

Smelling well water will usually be anticipated with activated carbon or activated charcoal. This material is used in a number of water filter products.

Second, clear up

Turbid water can also be overcome by using activated carbon. Namely by utilizing large pores to absorb sedimentation or deposits contained in water.

Third, take chlorine

Chlorine in water can be absorbed in activated carbon. Therefore, this method is believed to be safe to produce potable drinking water.

Fourth, creating a fresh taste for water

Water that feels tasteless and unpleasant can be overcome with activated carbon. In this case, activated carbon can provide a fresh taste for water.

Fifth, material that cannot be absorbed

Although many contaminants can be absorbed, it turns out that activated carbon can also pass some water content, including minerals, salts, and inorganic compounds.

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