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Rowtec (Sumatera Utara, Indonesia)

ROWTEC Is a business engaged in the field of supplier / distributor of piping in the city of Medan, including PVC type AW, D pipes and high-quality HDPE pipes.
because it uses quality raw materials and has been tested with international standards.
We are ready to serve and receive CUSTOM pipes according to customer requirements. We provide rucika pipe fittings as product fulfillment.
Serving retail, wholesale, tender projects, and sales and shipping in various regions.

We also sell water filtration or water treatment materials such as FRP Filters, filter media / filter materials, RO machines, and others.

For the best offers, please contact us at:
Jl. Bukit Barisan I No 35A & 35B - Medan Timur 20236 - Tel: +6285945037177 (WA) Email:,
Visit our site at


Jl. Bukit Barisan I No. 35A & 35B Medan, Sumatera Utara Medan
Sumatera Utara , Indonesia


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